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CFNM Princess When 19 Year Old Michelle Comes Back Home From College For The Christmas Holidays, She S At A Loose End Until, That Is, She Attends A Party Where Her Brother S Friend Brian Strips Naked As A Forfeit From That Moment On, The Lovely Michelle Becomes Obsessed With The Fetish Named CFNM Clothed Female, Nude Male She Hatches A Plan To See Brian Naked Again, And Soon Wants Total Control Over Body Especially His Bare Backside Well, What Man Could Resist This Sweet, Imperious Princess CFNM PRINCESS Is Both A Hard Hitting Erotic Tale Of A Man S Total Surrender And A Tender Portrait Of A Girl S Voyage Of Self Discovery.Warning Adults Only This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Imagery.Length 11,600 Words Short Novella A Recent Fine Art Graduate, CASSIE CAINE Works In Bristol As A Writer And Photographer Specializing In The Male Nude She Has Been Known To Attend CFNM Parties.

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    This is a story written with passion The author s enjoyment of the subject CFNM shines through in the ease of flow and fun that is found right through the book.

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    It was short and sweet There was progression and HEA, but the girl didn t show a sign of affection at made a point of caring for the money as much or than the guy A true American.

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    This was an interesting read The fetish CFNM Clothed Female Naked Male is one you don t see often written about as a topic of a story all by itself The heroine, Michelle, is a young student who immensley enjoys taken picutres home from her college studies and is out of sorts a bit my phrase not the author s She winds up at a party where, after losing a bet, she watches as the friend, Brian, strips and walks about the party Something inside Michelle is excited by this man walking about naked, and she takes her camera and begins directing him to pose for her, taking pictures His excitement is obvious.but Michelle also finds herself very intrigued Afterwards, she finds about this out on, where else, but the internet Of course Michelle and Brian and Brian s wife all again meet for another photos shoot in which Michelle takes charge.The Ds in the story is not conventional BDSM but there is control and Domina...

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    Cassie Caine writes with passion and a sense of fun about the joys a woman can get from having a nude man at her mercy It was the enthusiasm of the heroine which, for me, was the sexiest thing about the story The fetish is one which has a strong appeal to me up to a point The painful and invasive elements are n...

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    Too short I liked the premise and how the story unfolded, with the dominant female discovering aspects of her dominance as the story went along Some very sexy sex scenes Enjoyed it very much, I just wish it could go on

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