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The Beekeepers Daughter Annabel Taylor, A Beekeeper S Daughter, Grows Up Wild And Carefree On The Moors Of England In The Late 1860s, Following In The Footsteps Of Her Mother, A Beautiful Witch Annabel S Closest Friend Is Jevan Wenham The Son Of The Blacksmith, He Lives His Life On The Verge Of Destruction His Devotion To Annabel Is Full Of Twists And Turns As Brutality Melds With Deepest Desire But When Jevan Is Forced To Travel To London To Receive An Education, Annabel Is Devastated.Then Alex Heir To The Saltonstall Legacy And Son Of Cerberus Saltonstall, The Wealthy Landowner Of The Foreboding Gothelstone Manor Comes Into Her Life Alex Is Arrogant And Self Assured, But He Cannot Stop Thinking About The Outspoken Girl He Encounters On The Road To Gothelstone Not Only Is He Bewitched By Annabel S Beauty, He Feels Drawn To Her By Something He Can T Explain Alex And Annabel Are Socially Worlds Apart, But That Doesn T Stop Him From Demanding Her Hand In Marriage When Annabel Refuses, She Is Forced Into An Impossible Situation Jevan Believes She Has Betrayed Him, Regardless Of The Fact That Her Decision Saves Him From The Hangman S Noose.As A Devastating Love Triangle Unfolds, Disturbing Revelations Thrust Annabel Into A Startling Reality, Where Nothing Is As It Seems Now Both Her Life And Jevan S Are In Danger, And Her Fledging Powers May Not Be Enough To Save Them

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    What a magnificent story The beekeeper s daughter is one of the best Gothic,dark historical romance s I ve ever read It s a love story triangle with magic and mystery and dark characters who have even darker secrets.The main characters are Annabel Taylor the daughter of the beekeeper who also has away with bee s as well and theirs the dark and handsome jevan.from the moor s of england these two will forge a love that will bind them together forever When jevan goes away to be educated Annabel feels betrayed by him and falls for Alex the son of the cruel Cerberus saltonstall.A man whos dark secrets could bring a end to all those involved If you love Gothic romances this book fits the bill I read this page turner in one sitting I can t say enough about this book Jane Jordan is a great story teller,who pulled me in with a great storyline and complexed characters who were so interesting that I was hooked from start to finish Can t wait to read from this writer.

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    When you see the artwork of the cover, you get this feeling there is to this story than beekeeping It is an in depth and amazingly well written story of Annabelle and her one time adversary, Jevan As they grow you find there is to them than just playmates They have a rich history that unfolds in strong emotions and unusual personalities When there are factors that are out of their control a totally different world opens for them both That is when Alex the son of the wealthy landowner comes into the picture With a strength to overwhelm Annabell with manipulation and trickery, her entire life is uprooted She is forced to be tamed from the wild child that has been her life up until now.I truly loved this book It made me nervous with its tension and the dangerous events that were occurring around Annabell, Jevan, and Alex I kept a hope alive for the events to come around to a palatable conclusion, but I was thwarted at every turn If you love books that will keep you hopeful, worried, and surprised, this is the book to choose.

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    The Beekeeper s Daughter by Jane Jordan is a historical book that was a bit of a heavy read, at least for me.I did have a lot of expectations from the book, but when I started reading the book the writing itself failed to pull me in and this happens very rarely with me Needless to say, it proved to be a hard read for me and in spite of trying my best, I was not able to connect to the lead the way I should have and, as a result, the rest of the book obviously started to feel like a drag.Though I must say that the story is unique, in spite of the cliched love triangle I really wish I was able to connect to the lead because then it would have been a much pleasant read.This book has a lot fo positive reviews, so I m sure that Historical Fiction lovers might actually like this book But it wasn t for me.You can also read this review at The Reading Bud

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    The Beekeeper s Daughter follows the life of Annabel, a beautiful yet poor beekeeper s daughter, as she grows up in the small village of Exmoor She s been in love with Jevan, the blacksmith s son, since childhood but outside forces keep them apart Their love for each other is well described and believable Only after many setbacks, providing the reader with several unexpected plot twists, are they able to be together.Rural England is also beautifully and realistically described, providing insight into the lives of poor villagers and rich landowners This may be the first period romance mystery I have read, and definitely the first book about witchcraft It took me a bit to get into the flow, but ultimately I enjoyed the journey

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    Marvelous descriptions bring the reader into the all important sense of place, and in The Beekeeper s Daughter, author Jane Jordan takes readers into the moors of England in the middle 1800s with ease You know immediately where you are and recognize what you see, hear, and smell The opening tells you this novel will be a page turner Then the characters are introduced each is singularly and fully developed along the way Each characterization brings the reader deeper into the setting and the tale being told The main characters, Anabel and Jevan, grow up together but grow apart then together again.Fellow Mystery Thriller Week author Jordan has a great grasp of the thriller concept Get your protagonist up a tree and then throw rocks at her.I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys their thrillers filled with angst, anger, hatred, forbidden love, and betrayal The pages turn rapidly as each chapter is filled with unexpected twists and turns When the power of dark arts erupts in a family of witches, the results are unpredictable, fiery, and deadly Be ready for a surprise ending

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    Uncaged Review I thought I would read a different genre to what I would usually read and this book described as Victorian witch s wizard s seemed to fit the bill Though after reading the synopsis on Goodreads I was a little concerned about how much romance would be involved as it really isn t my thing I was pleased that it was not all lovey dovey and there was some darkness in the book coupled with the plot twists that kept you guessing what was going to happen next I was not disappointed in my selection and would recommed it to those who would like something different to read Reviewed by Skye

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    This book has received a Discovering Diamonds Review Helen Hollickfounder DDRevs the characters are vivid, flawed individuals who are victims of the Darkness of Evil, but they are also heroes

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    This paranormal, romantic tale, set in England, centers around a beekeeper s family and past and present events in their village It is a lengthy and entertaining read It is rich in description and content.

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    The author lists it as a thriller The first chapter didn t connect to the book until deep into the chapters Might be a book for young adult romance readers similar to the Twilight books but character development not as well done.

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    A fast paced historical thriller set on Exmoor in England.Beekeeper s daughter Annabel Taylor grows up wild and carefree on the moors of England in the late 1860s A child of nature and grace with an unusual ability to charm bees, Annabel follows in the footstep of her mother Lilith, a beautiful witch With her closest friend and soulmate Jevan Wenham by her side, Annabel s life is a life filled with wonder and curiosity But Jevan, the son of a blacksmith, lives his life on the verge of destruction, and his devotion to Annabel probes the boundaries between brutality and deep desire, passion and pleasure When Jevan leaves Exmoor to pursue an education in London, Annabel s world shatters Devastated without Jevan, Annabel is sure her life is ending But everything changes when she crosses paths with Alexander Saltonstall The heir to the Saltonstall legacy and son of Cerberus Saltonstall, the wealthy landowner of the foreboding Gothelstone Manor, Alex is arrogant and self assured and enad of the outspoken Annabel Even though the two are socially worlds apart, that doesn t stop Alex from asking, or rather demanding, Annabel s hand in marriage But when Annabel refuses, she is forced into an impossible situation To further complicate matters, Jevan is back and so are those same desires, that same passion and intensity But nothing is as it seems, and Annabel and Jevan are in grave danger At risk of being ensnared into the dark legacy of the Saltonstall family, Annabel faces the ultimate test Will her fledgling powers be enough to save those she loves most Can she even save herself

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