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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Dates (Matched Online, #1) With Their Ten Year High School Reunion On The Horizon, Four Girlfriends Make A Pact To Find The Perfect Guy Online But Nothing About Online Dating Is SimpleSingle Mom Angela Hudson Thought She Was Ready To Dip Her Toe In The Dating Waters Again After Her Marriage Imploded, But As Dates 1, 2 And 3 Turn Out Disastrous, She Wonders If This Is Really Worth It Especially When She S Attracted To The Handsome Coffeeshop Barista Than Any Of Her Dates Drew Scheffield Is Only In Town For The Summer He Hoped Working In His Brother S Coffeeshop Would Distract Him From The Grief Of Losing His Young Wife But As He Gets To Know Angela And Sees Her Dating Guys 4, 5 And 6, He Discovers His Heart Isn T As Dead As He Thought It Was As Angela S Dates 7, 8 And 9 Go Wrong, She And Drew Get Close Even Though She Knows He S Leaving Can Drew Open His Heart To Love Again, Or Will Angela Lose The Perfect Guy In 10 Dates 10 Dates Is The First Of Four Love Stories In The Matched Online Anthology How To Lose A Guy In 10 Dates By Lacy Williams A Package Deal By Robin Patchen Rival Hearts By Susan Crawford Engaged By Friday By Julie Jarnagin

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    Voted Most Likely to Succeed in high school, Angela laments that her life is a total failure With her high school reunion on the horizon, Angela joins a pact with her fellow reunion planners to try online dating in order to get a date by the big day view spoiler 10 dates horrible date later, she realizes th...

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    Cute, quick read You really feel for Angela I would have given up if I was her The book did a pretty good depiction of dating once you get older and or have children Your priorities change and you have to really look at a person before you become invested.

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    A little too short for my liking but it wasn t bad It felt like a novella, so I didn t have time to really get to know the characters.

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    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Dates was filled with humor and heart This sweet story caught me within its pages right away and didn t let go till the very end.I loved the way the author included humorous question and answer blurbs from the various online dates that Angela was considering It was the perfect way to start each chapter.I really liked Angela s character She was a loving mom, a kind person, and she questioned whether she was worthy of love after her failed marriage Drew was also a wonderful character He brought a lot of heart to the story It was hard to watch as he struggled with grief and confusion regarding his feelings for Angela The author handled these conflicting emotions very well and provided a wonderful second chance to t...

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    3.20 I love you, To heaven and back starsOf course I read this because the title of the book being so similar to the infamous How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days starring the lovely Kate Hudson Even though it s not one of my all time favorite movies but rather, one I d watch if it were the only thing on TV Such is my feeling in this instance as well.This was a very sweet, quick and clean romance about a grieving widower and a single mother Two aspects I have come to adore in most love stories although both of those things didn t really work together to make this an exceptional read, as I d hoped I tend to fear the widow widower story line because I m always nervous that not enough time has passed since the spouse died, making it awkward to form a romance That sort of happened here with Drew having lost his wife recently It was described as a few months which I don t feel was enough time for him to grieve seeing as how he was choking down tears through the majority of the book.I loved the bond between Drew and Angela s son, Thad They had a few cute moments sprinkled throughout I would ve liked a little bit depth between Angela and Drew because it wrapped up fairly quickly once he had his epiphany Something felt like it was missing despite my enjoyment of the story and how it ended One of the things I was surprised to see missing from this book was some sort of interaction with the other characters in the series that this one is ...

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    Quick read, sweet and cute romance between a widower and a single mother Not quite developed but okay for spending some time.

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    I picked up How to Lose a Guy in 10 Dates as a free read and it was a terrific find The circle I belong to doesn t typically give a lot of detail on the books up for grabs, so basically it s like picking the grab bag gift during the holidays You look through the pile and try to judge your gifts contents based on the outside wrapping I have to admit picking out a free book, just like a Christmas grab bag gift, the pretty packaging doesn t always match the inside content However, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Dates was not a white elephant gift it was pretty packaging and perfect gift all in one.How to Lose a Guy in 10 Dates is a story full of heart, charm, and lots of horrible first dates Angela Hudson is a single, divorced mother with a seven year old son and her high school reunion is fast approaching Due to her most likely to succeed status a decade ago Angela is ashamed to show up with a dismantled marriage and a barely thriving business Desperate she sets up an online dating account and so begins the first of many extremely bad dates.Drew Scheffield was taking a break from NY...

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    Full review on Faithfully Bookish m not a single mom but I do recognize mom guilt and Angela has a bad case of it She s carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders and it s not hard for her friends to convince her that she needs some fun in her life Unfortunately, Angela s dates flop one by one at the small town coffeeshop.Barista Drew caught my interest from the first time Angela met him...

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    Such a great story about two vulnerable people who don t mean to fall for each other but do There are several nightmare dates Angela perseveres through in search of a decent date for her school reunion, but it s mysterious Drew that catches her eye, and the chemistry between them is great I loved how he interacted with both Angela and her son, and even though he has to process the standard fears of...

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    I was made aware of this book recently and decided to give it a shot It was a well written, engaging book that had depth and charm in abundance It was heartwarming, humorous and tear jerking all at once It was a real ...

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