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We We An Adoption And A Memoir Centers On The Story Of Barnz Adopting A Child And The Legal Battle With The Birthfather That Began The Day After The Child S Birth And Two Days Before 9 11 The Book Interweaves This Narrative With Barnz S Path To Parenthood Beginning With His Closeted Youth In 1980 S New York, A Time When It Was Statistically Likely He Would Die From AIDS Than Become A Father.Alternating Between Legal Suspense Story And Memoir, We Examines Shifting Gender Roles In Parenting As Well As Modern Notions Of Family Construction, But Ultimately We Is A Personal Narrative With Universal Appeal It Delves Into The Complicated Relationships That Arise Between Birthparents And Adoptive Parents, Between Birthmothers And Birthfathers, Between Parent And Child, Between Married Couples In This Story, As In Life, Empathy Is Revealed Where, Technically, None Should Exist This Book Examines Our Desire To Do Better, Be Better Better People, Better Friends, Better Parents, Better Strangers, Better Ourselves And In The End, It Celebrates The Potential We All Have For Forgiveness.Independent Film Producer Ben Barnz And His Husband, Filmmaker Daniel Barnz, Make Up We Re Not Brothers Productions And Have Written, Directed And Produced The Films Cake And Phoebe In Wonderland They Are Currently Developing An HBO Pilot With Lena Dunham And A Feature Film With Brad Pitt S Plan B About Ryan Wash, An Openly Gay Black Debate Champion.

!!> Reading ➵ We  ➭ Author Ben Barnz – Lalaweek.us
  • Hardcover
  • 244 pages
  • We
  • Ben Barnz
  • 07 June 2019
  • 9781948018210

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    Beautifully written, filled with raw emotion From a tight knit jewish family in NYC, Ben decides to own his identity as a gay man, lives in LA, and with his partner Daniel, together they decide to adopt a baby Through the Pop up club they learn of Jonathan Ross, an adoption lawyer, who connects them with Emma, a young MN girl, who is too far along for an abortion, and chooses them to adopt her baby They fly her to CA, pay all costs, the birth and take home Zelda after 2 days, loving her beyond the moon But the baby daddy contests it, lawyers are involved, Emma flies back to testify In the end, they are the parents of Zelda Malia Lynn Regenogem Barnz The book follows the journey of Zelda growing up, every year acknowledging a new milestone Zelda s little brother Dashiel another adopti...

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    The story of an adoption and a dispute with the biological father I had a few quibbles with this very human story of two gay men who adopted the baby of a single Mom and then were involved in a legal dispute with the biological father.Although all along you could figure how a just family law system might rule on the case, you could certainly feel for these fathers, for the Mom, and for the baby in the midst of it all.Quibbles include he had a lumbering gate uhno she labored for 23 minutes when s...

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    I am the father of said child My name is not Liam nor am I from Minnesota I fought for my blood, my first born, my daughter, in two courts of this country I was little money vs big money The writer has no honor or dignity Merely a selfish desire and a manipulative plot with the mother and it continued in the court system It s documented My friends were present through it all It was a poor example of our family court system I still love my daught...

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    An excellent memoir about a gay couple and their 2001 adoption, which is belatedly and unexpectedly challenged by the baby s birth father Barnz does an excellent job of conveying the highs and lows of the process, and also gives us insight into his strong relationship with his husband The...

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    An incredibly moving story of a an adoption by a gay couple, and the author s coming of age in 80 s New York City This book feels like a conversation with a wildly funny and deeply feeling person, and the pages slip past your finger...

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    3.5 This was a heartfelt story about Ben and Daniel and their journey through the adoption process After birth mother, Emma, waives her parental rights, surprisingly, Liam, the birth father sues for custody The book was beautifully written My only complaint was how much the ...

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    A passionate and touching story of love, parenting and the adoption journey As an adoptive parent, I could relate to the anxiety the family goes through when their adoption is challenged and the diffi...

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    I made the mistake of starting this book on the subway, and was crying like a baby a few stops in Ben s eloquent words and captivating writing style had me hooked from page one I wanted to finish it in one sitting It s memoi...

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    I wanted to like this one I think if I had known the outcome, I might have, but it was just so gut wrenching to get through this Ugh Glad they were so tough It would have been interesting to know how much this whole ordeal cost them They were obviously well off Most of us probably couldn t have af...

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    Rarely do I sit and read a book cover to cover, but Ben Barnz story of love for his adopted daughter and husband Daniel compelled me to know the whole story The writing is crisp and precise, passionate and evocative Now I want to know about this family

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