Read ➮ Bloodstream Author Tess Gerritsen –

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Read ➮ Bloodstream Author Tess Gerritsen –
  • Paperback
  • 484 pages
  • Bloodstream
  • Tess Gerritsen
  • English
  • 04 November 2019
  • 9780006513070

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    I must admit to liking Gerritson s Rizzoli and Isles series the best, but her stand alone books can be very good too Bloodstream is definitely one of the good ones although you have to like your books gory to appreciate it fully I was amazed at the end to find I had read over five hundred pages I had no idea they just slid past The book opens as it means to go on, with some totally disturbing murders by person unknown to persons also unknown Then we are introduced to a vast number of characters, almost all of whom turn out to be important in one way or another Keep a note of all their names or...

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    Widow Claire moves to Tranquility, Maine, with her teenage son, Noah Noah was hanging out with a bad crowd in the city and getting into trouble with the law, so she hopes the change to small town life will be beneficial to him She has also set up a practice as the new town doctor Claire and Noah are still adjusting to their new life months later Then when November and the cold weather rolls around, there is suddenly a rash of violent and deadly behavior among the teenagers in town Claire begins to question her decision in making this move to what seemed like a peaceful town by the lake What is the cause of this violent behavior in the town s teenagers, and does the answer lie within the waters of Locust Lake This was a terrific medical suspense thriller A real page turner I really enjoyed the medical aspect of the story All of the characters, including the supporting ones, I found really interesting I liked that the story wa...

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    This started off very good then turned into the usual thrillerish stuff, because it s a thriller Don t thriller fans get bored of these boring familiar twists and turns Oh look he wasn t a this, he was a that Who da thought And the missing hand was in the dog s mouth And the laptop had had an affair with the coffee cup with the DNA on it No, that can t be right But the forensic experts were twins And there was a misunderstanding on page 31 which has a repercussion on page 228 And the motive was that the guy in the wheelchair had filmed the dog molesting his ex wife and was threatening to put the whole thing on facebook, and not the other way around That s why he had to get these people to do those things But I saw the whole thing coming by chapter 19 When Lorna gave a lift to the armadillo with the eyepatch, it was a giveaway they obviously already knew each other You just wouldn t pick up any old ...

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    You can see this review in our blog TheWildReadersHonestly, when I saw the blurb of this,I wasn t feeling it Tess Gerritsen is known for her way of spooking you with medical words and when I read the summary, the first thing that came into my mind is U R B A N L E G E N D I love urban legends but I was thinking that maybe T.G wouldn t do well with that genre so I was a little bit wary But really, I shouldn t have doubted Tess Gerritsen because holy smoking mackerel, she did an amazing job combining some urban legend and science.Bloodstream takes us into Tranquility, Maine where twice a century, teenagers went all Genghis Khan to everyone Murder rates go high and violence is everywhere No one knows how it starts and no one knows when it will strike again.What I love about Bloodstream is that Gerritsen captured the nature of small town mentality You don t know who or what is the reason ...

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    This is an excellent medical mystery tale New doctor in Maine town realizes that something is making the youth of the village turn violent Can she resolve the problem before her own son is affected Well done, recommended.

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    This was my first Tess Gerritsen and I had high expectations In the first half of the book, I started to feel disappointed There are so many characters introduced, and the scenes are so short for each bit of the action, that I found it hard to follow the thread of the story We seem to skip from character to character too quickly I also, I have to say, found Claire, the main protagonist, a bit whingey I prefer my female leads to have bite.However, I should have been patient About half way through, I began to understand the characters better and the story started to come together Claire turns out to have staying power and determination By the end, I wasn t disappointed It was an enjoyable read In particular, I enjoyed the ...

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    bakterijos udik s tai jau tre ia Tess Gerritsen knyga, kuri skaitau ir vis dar neprisikasiau prie garsiosios Rizzoli Isles serijos, bet man atrodo jau pastebiu jos tobul jim ir jeigu viskas tokiais grei iais tai na greitai netruks pasiekti tobulyb Kas man kiek kliuvo Donore ir U krate tai vangios prad ios ir su labai dideliu trenksmu sprogstan ios pabaigos, kas sudarydavo i balansavimo jausm Tai kart jo neliko, ai ku tampa did jo pama u, bet nuobodu nebuvo nei akimirk Pagrindin veik ja kart irgi imponavo daug labiau, kaip buvo protinga taip ir i liko prakti kai vis laik , nebuvo to tokio lyg dirbtinio akivaizd i dalyk nematymo Apskritai tai itas trileris dar ir toks labai keistas, toks grynai labai medicininis, ne medikai blogie iai kaip ank iau, bet bakterijos Ir tokia ka kokia net kuriozi ka ta trileri ka tariam j kaita, kai tie tariamieji i vis ne mon s Ne ina...

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    Tess Gerritsen skaityti prad jau d ka savo buvusios koleg s, dar dirbdama knygyne Tada ie kant k ia paskai ius, sulaukiau puikios rekomendacijos Koleg garantavo, jog autor s brai as man patiks ir ji buvo visi kai teisi Tada perskai iau visas knygyne esan ias knygas ir kaskart su nekantrumu laukiu pasirodant nauj Tada ta koleg vardino savo m gstamiausi Tess knyg , ir tai buvo b tent las Nuo t laik i dal ir med ioju l man pavyko rasti knyg mug je, Jotemos leidyklos stende Tikrai nustebau knyg ten pama ius, mat tai senesnio leidimo knyga.Visi inantys Gerritsen, vos pamat jos knygas jau ino, kad laukia puikus detektyvas Ta iau i knyga kitokia, tai veikiau trileris su detektyvo prieskoniu Po vyro mirties, Kler su paaugliu s numi Nojumi persikelia gyventi ram kurortin miestel Trankvilit Pagrinde miestelis gyvuoja vasar , kuomet daugyb turist susirenka pasim gauti Sk rio e ero papl dimiais , tad traum patyrusiai eimai tai puiki vieta atsigauti Kler sidarbina gydytoja, Nojus pradeda lankyti mokykla, atrodo viskas t...

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    I am a huge, self confessed Tess Gerritsen fan I love and adore her Rizzoli Isles books and the TV series which is totally different from the books, but the character interactions are great The mysteriesnot so much So, I assumed that I would like Bloodstream I assumed that I would LOVE Bloodstream after I finished the prologue It the prologue, I mean was nail bitingly creepy I was seriously holding my breath while frantically clicking on the Kindle I thought that the prologue would set the tone for the book Ehhh, it didn t really happen that way.Again, this book starts off with a BANG I think it may be one of the creepiest prologues from a mystery book that I ve ever read The chapters following the prologue were still plenty creepy and than a little intriguing In fact, the beginning chapters of Bloodstream reminded me heavily of a UK movie called The Children totally recommended, by the way It s creepy, underrated, and due to what happened in the movie, it will never be remade and subsequently ruined by American filmmakers So much that I thought it was sort of going to go that way which I really would ve preferred But it didn t.There were just too many things going on in this book It s a parasite No, it s evil No, it s an actual person No, it s the evil corporations No, it s the parents influece causing the kids to go violently crazy and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah Seriously, everything was packed in here Every single excuse was p...

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    ncelikle bu kitap bana ok zendi im halde neden k k bir yerde ya amak istemedi imi tekrar hat rlatt Ba kahraman Dr Claire ergen o lunun kendisine ya att sorunlardan bunal p Tranquility e ta n yor romanda San yor ki sakin bir yerde huzuru bulabilecek Ama nerde Kasabal lar, Di erleri dayanamay p gitti Nas l olsa bu da gider diyerek kad nca z bir t rl kabullenemiyorlar Herkes birbirini tan yor, koca bir aile gibi hareket ediyorlar Dedikodular k h z yla yay l yor Biri istenmeyen adam ilan edilmeye g rs n, daha onun o kasabada bar nmas ok zor Warren adl bir karakter daha var mesela Adama ya ayan bir l gibi davran yorlar Ger i bu d lamada hakl bir korku da var ama yine de ok iticiydi Bir de ok tutucular Arkada , neredeyse kasabadaki b t n ocuklar cinnet ge irip sevdiklerini ld r yorlar nsan hi demez m...

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