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John Muir in YosemiteYosemite Gave Muir Purpose And Goals That Changed His Life And That Of The Nation This Book Presents His Early Years In Yosemite And His Struggles To Preserve The Wilderness To Students Of Muir, John Muir And Yosemite Are Synonymous To Shirley Sargent, Historian, Long Time Resident And Authority On Yosemite, Telling The Story Of Muir And His Love Affair With The Valley Was A Must She Has Related The Story Of John Muir S Residency, His Work, Studies, Accomplishments, And Struggles Which Were The Prelude To His Life S Work In Geology, Conservation, And The Establishment Of National Parks, With Freshness And Enthusiasm She Dispels Some Old Legends With Accurate Research And Has Documented For All Time The True Facts Concerning One Of America S Outstanding Preservationists Jean Hanna Clark, Granddaughter Of John Muir.

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