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Mystery of the Haunted MineThe EspectrosThe Haunted Mountains Somewhere In These Canyons Is A Treasurethousands Of Dollars Worth Of Gold That Men Have Searched And Died For The Indians Say It Is Guarded By Ghostsbut Gary And Tuck Refuse To Believe That Ghosts Use Live Ammunition.

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    I first read this book many years ago when I was 11 or 12, procured from a Scholastic book fair, and somewhere, sometime, lost track of my copy I loved the book, but after my copy disappeared I couldn t remember the name or the author and so years later I started trying to find this wonderful book that I read as a kid, but without the author s name or title it was very difficult I finally stumbled across it not long ago and procured it It is still as wonderful as it was when I read it years ago It has mystery, suspense, and action and once Shirreffs establishes his characters and the plot, the book quickly builds in both action and suspense and becomes a real page turner Gary and Tucker are on summer break preparing to enter their senior year, and Sue is Tucker s freshman cousin who has eyes for Gary Together they brave the mountains and th...

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    Made the mistake of reading this at night What a thriller wished I could have been bouncing around in Gary s jeep with him and Tuck and Sue

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    This is a young adult book, but it is so good that adults can enjoy it too It s dated, but that only makes it endearing.

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    Excellent adventure showing the mind set and lifestyle of teens in the early 1960 s Good adventure, a tight mystery, and plenty of thrills for the 13 to 15 year old.

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    Excellent kid s mystery, set in the Superstition mountains, which Shirreffs calls the Espectros You get a real feel for the landscape, the characters are interesting, and the plot moves along right sprightly Re reading it as an adult there are a couple of points I question not necessarily inconsistencies or contradictions, , Why didn t and Where did kind of thi...

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    Love this book This is the first book I ever read that wasn t required in school.

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    Lost gold, haunted mountains,shadowy figuresall lead three explorers on a twisting chase Nice way to spend an afternoon.

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    It was my first mystery I ever read and never forgot it Tho forgot the author s name never forgot the title.

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    Loved this book when i was in Jr High early High School Looking for a copy for my son.

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    3.5 stars Mystery of the Haunted Mine turned out to be a bit unusual for its time and genre I was expecting it to be closer in tone and writing to the Nancy Drew mysteries, but it was really quite a bit darker and realistic, in everything from the dialogue to the mostly happy ending The cover art which shows the character Sue nervously holding onto the hero, Gary is rather misleading, as in the story itself Sue is every bit as brave as Gary and Tuck, and simply steps right over the skeleton she is so scared of in the cove...

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