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The King's GeneralDaphne Du Maurier Has No Equal Sunday Telegraph As Civil War Rages Across England, The Weak Prove Their Courage And The Privileged Become TraitorsIn This Sweeping, Bittersweet Saga, Spellbinding Author Daphne Du Maurier Recreates A Most Memorable And True Love Story Honor Harris Was Glorious And Vivacious Sir Richard Grenville Was A Dashing Colonel And A Knight They Meet On The Evening Of Her Eighteenth Birthday At The Duke Of Buckingham S Great Ball And Fall Deeply In Love.Soon Afterward Tragedy Strikes And They Are Separated By Betrayal And War Decades Later, An Undaunted Sir Richard, Now A General Serving King Charles I, Finds Her Finally They Can Share Their Passion In The Ruins Of A Great Estate On The Storm Tossed Cornish Coast One Last Time Before Being Torn Apart, Never To Embrace Again.

❆ The King's General kindle Epub ❤ Author Daphne du Maurier – Lalaweek.us
  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • The King's General
  • Daphne du Maurier
  • English
  • 21 October 2017
  • 9781402217081

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    Set during the English Civil War of the 1640 s, du Maurier retells a lesser known bit of Cornish history as an elderly Honor Harris reflects back on her life and love Wooed by the charming, irascible but extremely flawed Richard Grenvile, eighteen year old Honor loses her heart and prepares to marry Richard until an accident permanently cripples her from the waist down Richard and Honor separate, but meet years later during the Civil War as he is now the King s General in the West as they fight the Parliamentarian rebels although not all the Royalists think too highly of Richard s high handed approach to prisoners and discipline While Honor refuses to marry Richard, her feelings for him are as strong as before and they begin a most unusual relationship as the tides of war ebb and flow around them.Honor takes up residence at Menabilly, the family home of Honor s brother in law Jonathan Rashleigh and things soon begin to go bump in the night in typical du Maurier fashion mysterious comings and goings, a secret door, a mystery floorboard in the summerhouse and. well than that, I m not telling read it for yourself du Maurier once again weaves a magical tale, albeit this time with real life characters The dialogue between Richard and Honor si...

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    The King s General, Daphne du Maurier The King s General is a novel, published in 1946, by English author and playwright Daphne du Maurier The novel is set at the time of the English Civil War A middle aged Honor Harris narrates the story of her youth, from the age of ten, when living with her brother Robin The narrative begins when Kit, Honor s oldest brother, brings home his new bride, Gartred After only three years, Kit dies of smallpox and Gartred moves away At age eighteen, Honor meets Richard Grenvile, Gartred s brother They fall in love and, despite a former arrangement for Honor to marry another, they decide to be married Honor is injured and loses the use of her legs in a riding accident, when out with Richard and Gartred Subsequently, Honor refuses to marry or even see Richard By the time the Civil War breaks out, fifteen years have passed Honor has grown in independence, and Richard has had three children, Joe, born illegitimately from an affair with a dairymaid Dick, from a failed marriage and Dick s sister, who lives in Holland and is not really part of the story Following some nearby violence, Honor moves to Menabilly, the home of her si...

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    This book started so compulsive and enticing and delicious But somewhere it bogged down into a relatively plodding glimpse of the English Civil War The sexy thrill of the early chapters was never recaptured, and the pro...

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    Fantastic historical novel set during the English civil war in the 15th century No one writes a story quite like du Maurier

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    Once I pick up a Daphne du Maurier novel, I tend to find I can t stop reading until I either fall asleep or reach the end Sometimes, I begin to get a headache from eye strain or simply must stop to take care of my own life in the here and now She could really tell a story Auntie Daphne would have been the best person in the world to sit around the hearth with, on a cold winter s night And, of course, she wrote with such eloquence Even when I don t love the particular characters or themes, for whatever reason such as the last one I read, The Loving Spirit , I still find her writing utterly engrossing.What I especially like about The King s General is that it s a tale richly told by an unlikely heroine, not only for the times but even for today Honor Harris, in her own words, is a cripple , bound to a wheeled chair her brother has made for her But Honor is not a figure of pity She is the smartest person in the book, and does not try to hide her light under a bushel The other smartest person in the book is also a woman Honor s nemesis, Gartr...

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    Rating Clarification 4.5 StarsI knew I was going to love this book even before I picked it up For one thing, it s by Daphne duMaurier, which means it s going to be top notch fiction Secondly, it s set during a time period I really enjoy Thirdly, my GR friends Laura, Barb, Misfit and Pat all rated it 4 or 5 stars between them, these ladies know their historical fiction, so for all of them to rate it high was confirmation that this was going to be a winner.I wasn t disappointed DuMaurier s tale set in Cornwall during the English Civil War had everything I love about sweeping historical fiction fascinating characters, a historically detailed storyline, characters that aren t perfect in fact are often unlikable , and a love story that wasn t conventional in the least The King s General is a story so engrossing th...

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    I have read at least a handful of Daphne s books plan on reading all at some point She was has you wondering where she is going with the story I was quite surprised as usuasl A great historical read.Many times I go into a book without knowing anything about the story but knowing that the author is a favorite of mine, such is The King s General by Daphne du Maurier I rarely even read a foreword before reading a book but generally read it after I am glad I continue this practice because even though the person writing the foreword said she did not want to spoil the story, if I read her comments I would know something that would take away the surprise for me As I was reading I do as I generally do look up everything I am unfamiliar with including people places What I noticed soon on that many of the characters are real once again while reading a book I had a history lesson, and in this case the English Civil War Having read Mary Elizabeth Braddon s London Pride years ago which was also during this era in English history but Daphne s story which she had assistance by two historians, one having the same name Rasheigh as the family in her book Some of battles people during this time in history are fictionalized without truly departing from history She was disappointed that the historical battle aspect did not receive the praise it desired Not to worry Daphne, I was very much impressed My reading friend Julie told me that Daphne s husband was a ge...

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    As a fan of Rebecca and someone who is very interested in the English Civil War and the huge social upheavals it caused, I wanted to love this book, but sadly could not in the end It has some interesting elements, and the author does manage to make the disability of her viewpoint character, Honor Harris, work, but the first part at least could have been set in Vict...

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    Time heals all wounds, say the complacent, but I think it is not so much time that does it as determination of the spirit And the spirit can often turn to devil in the darkness Du Maurier is an exceptional storyteller, I ll give her that This is a fascinating glimpse into one of the darker and lesser known facets of history the people s experience of the English Civil War The King s General is charged throughout with a clear love of the Cornish landscape and its history in my opinion, it is primarily a heartfelt recognition of the suffering of its people rather than a romance The historical detail was at times dry and plodding the lengthy passages describing military strategy and the outcomes of each battle were exhaustive towards the end of the novel, I began skim reading those sections The redeeming quality of the novel for me was the characters Du Maurier is quite possibly the best at characterisation Honor Harris is genuinely one of the best heroines I ve come across she s spirited, witty, brave and perseveres with her life despite a devastating injury The irascible but enticing Richard Grenvile was a fascinatingly appalling love interest and the sexua...

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    I had had this book on my shelf for quite a long time, bought it in impulse after having read Rebecca three years ago and having fallen in love with Du Maurier s captivating writing style.I didn t seem to find the right moment to plunge into it, even after the disappointment I had with The loving spirit , Du Maurier s first novel.Haven t I been losing time by reading far mediocre books these past years The King s General is a book which has it all A haunting castle which reminded me of Manderley quite dearly, a strong and unusual heroine, and a most of the time hated hero History, love and mystery mix together creating a unique setting for this novel.Honor and Richard, a couple which are never truly together but who remain faithful to each other in their own ways Honor Harris, the main character, falls in love with Richard, a soldier with dubious reputation, when she is barely eighteen He is taken with her innocence and the way she looks at life, fair and strong willed in all her actions, Honor takes the best out of Richard.When their life together is about to really start, Honor suffers an accident while horse riding and she is left crippled for the rest of her life, this misfortune making an even much stronger woman of her as she casts Richard away for his own sake, sacrificing her own happiness and getting prepared for a life of solitude, a punishment she is ready to bear, with pride and elegance.What s...

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